What is required to play Pokemon Mega mobile game? Only browser!

Pokemon Mega is the best Pokemon Mega game out there in terms of PvE content and the content is huuuge with bosses, quests and daily activities. Granted, it’s not huge on PvP content, but the polish in this with Unity Engine created game is simply amazing.

So many moves and items working, just so much content implemented in general and they utilized the Unity Engines capacities to it’s fullest with the lighting, weather effects, day/night system and all of the event scripting. None of the bullshit you listed ever happened to me or anyone else of the 4k+ most definitely hugest Pokemon playerbase out there within that Pokemon Mega.
We also intend to use as few official Pokemon online copyrighted images as possible (eventually planning to make it zero). Our entire map system is unique, almost all of the items are unique, icons are unique, and most of the used Pokemon artworks are fan-made from different artists. We are planning to complete the whole Pokemon with high quality fan-made artworks, and with that we will have all unique artworks being used in the game. Our aim is not to incur copyright infringement or anything along those lines. Our aim is providing Pokemon game fans an enjoyable time.
With Pokemon airing the first series of their anime also in the year 1999 in the form of Pokemon Mega RPG, Pokemon is aired since 1997 in Japan.

Pokemon Mega is one of the more complex Pokemon RPG Games. If you’re someone who finds the basic ones too mainstream, you can challenge yourself with Pokemon Mega.

Click to play Pokemon Mega on mobile/mac >> http://h5.pm.instantfuns.com/
Click to play Pokemon Mega on PC >> http://pc.pm.instantfuns.com/

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